Planning a birthday party can be a pretty stressful thing! You need cake, ice cream, invitations and on top of that you have to figure out what the kids are going to do for the next two hours. Iowa Magician Mikayla Oz is an expert at planning birthday parties and will help take some stress off of your shoulders.

Imagine this:

As all the kids arrive to the party, Mikayla Oz will entertain them with magic that will happen in their hands.

Once all the kids have arrived, Mikayla Oz will then do a 40-minute Magic Show making the birthday child the STAR OF THE SHOW! They will help with all of the fun and exciting tricks by making things appear, disappear and even FLOAT!

As an added bonus Mikayla Oz will bring her HIGHLY TRAINED and Professional Magic Bird, Bubbles! Bubbles the Bird is a real bird and will leave the kids talking. The kids can pet Bubbles and even get high fives from this amazing white dove.

At the end of the show everyone will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Mikayla Oz will give the Birthday Child a special Magic Kit that has over 10 Magic Tricks in it!

Once the Magic Show is over Mikayla Oz gathers all the kids so you (the parent/guardian) can get a group picture!

Finally, Mikayla Oz makes balloon animals (1 per person) for everyone. After everyone gets a balloon animal there will be the perfect amount of time for cake, ice cream and presents.

As all the kids leave the party, they will be able to take home a Goodie Bag, that Mikayla Oz has pre made. Each goodie bag comes with some candy, party favors and a MAGIC TRICK!

DOESN’T THAT SOUND GREAT?!?!? All the kids will be talking about how this was the best birthday party they have been too, while leaving you (the parent/guardian) virtually stress free!

Want to have this at your child’s next party? Contact Mikayla Oz TODAY!