Close up and strolling magic is one of the most popular types of magic. This is magic that happens in the hands of your guests. It's up close and personal, leaving your guests smiling in amazement as they enjoy the magic!


  • Ashton Kutcher, TV Celebrity

Her communication leading up to the event was professional, thorough and prompt. Her performance at the party was fantastic!

  • Katie J. 

We've worked with Mikayla the past few years and love having her perform at our event. Her magic is awesome and always makes my brain hurt. 

  • Evelyn K. Davis Foundation

I've had Mikayla Oz at our big 4th of July Block Party for many years now. Miguel still talks about the bunny and X trick! You have to have her for any of your events!!!!

  • Tom B.

Mikayla was wonderful and did a great performance. She was attentive and funny and her tricks were great. I would definitely book her again!

  • Kate S.



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Strolling Magic

Strolling Magic is a fun and intimate way to watch magic. With Strolling Magic, Mikayla Oz will walk around your event and perform magic. Imagine blank paper changing into real money, unlocking borrowed cellphones by reading body language and objects teleporting from one persons hand to another. All this and more happens when you have Mikayla Oz at your next event. Strolling Magic is the perfect ice breaker for holiday parties and corporate cocktail hours. It can act as atmosphere entertainment for a special night. Or even enhance a wedding creating unforgettable memories. 

  • Private Parties
  • Cocktail Party
  • Atmosphere
  • Resturants
  • Weddings
  • After Proms
  • Post Prom
  • Grad Nights
  • Small Events
Close Up and Strolling Magician - Mikayla Oz

The Immersive Show

The Immersive Show combines the elements of a traditional stage magic show and brings them close up for smaller groups. Mikayla Oz will transform a small room in a close up parlor of magic. Imagine breaking up a large event to 20 - 50 people at a time with multiple shorter 20min shows throughout. The audience sits around the table and gets to participate and watch up close amazing sleight of hand magic.  It's well suited for large corporate events where you want an intimate experience. Or for an Post Prom or After Prom where you are looking for something completely different then previous years.    : 


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