The Virtual Magic Show is a show that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

All of the magic in this show is new material Mikayla Oz has created and is working on. Every show is unique and jammed packed with amazing magic, hilarious comedy and is very interactive. The magic in the show has been specifically curated for Online Magic.

Since COVID-19 happened, Mikayla Oz has shifted a large majority of her in person shows to Online, Virtual Magic Shows. Mikayla saw virtual magic as a way to stay connected with others, in an isolating time. In the first few months Mikayla did over 100 shows, making her an expert in Virtual Magic Shows!

The Magic Show is Zoom based, meaning Mikayla can see and interact everyone who attends. Making all the magic highly interactive and engaging. The show is perfect for Groups of 10 – 100 people and all of the magic happens to your attendees and is Socially Distanced. Zoom is the program of choice to run the show. Even if you don’t understand or have never used Zoom, Mikayla takes care of EVERYTHING! Making it super easy to host a Virtual Show.

How Does The No Cost Virtual Magic Show Work?

  • Book a Time Slot Below
  • You will receive an email confirming your reservation
  • 24 hours later you will have a custom Zoom Code Show Link
  • Share that Zoom Code with your friends and family
  • Enjoy AMAZING Magic you and your friends on your reserved date and time

Who Is The No Cost Virtual Magic Show For? 

Anyone who wants to watch live and interactive entertainment from the comfort of their homes. 
This show is perfect for:

  • Friends and Families who are looking for safe and socially distanced entertainment

Who Is The No Cost Virtual Magic NOT For?

The No Cost Virtual Magic Show is Mikayla’s chance to bring magic to family, friends and small groups of people. This show gives an opportunity for families and smaller groups of people to be entertained. As a result, the material in this show changes EVERY show. As it is an opportunity for Mikayla to test out new material. 

This show is not meant for: 

  • Corporate and Company Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Schools

If you are not sure if you qualify for the No Cost Virtual Show, Contact Mikayla Here!

If you are one of the events listed above and are interested in having Mikayla’s Amazing Virtual Magic Show for your next event, Contact Mikayla Here!

How Many People Can Come?

The No Cost Virtual Magic Show is intended for groups of 10 or more people.

Once you book the show, you will receive a Zoom Code that you can share with friends and family. Therefore, everyone will be able to join the Zoom room at the designated time.  

How Long Is The Show?

Typically about 30min with an optional Q & A after.

Is There Really No Cost?


However, there is a moment the end of the show, where if you and your audience enjoyed the show, you can Venmo or donate to Mikayla. Mikayla does this as she is taking time out of her day to do this. However, the real purpose to this show is to bring families and friends together. Above all, Mikayla understands the power of entertainment, especially in a time when it might be difficult to see and interact with each other. To clarify, there is NO COST! However, if you enjoyed the show and are financially able to donate, feel free!

Book this show at NO COST TO YOU BELOW!

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