Learn an Easy Magic with Mikayla Oz

Magic Mr. Googly

Effect- A clear plastic piece magically moves on the magicians command

Supplies- A Ziplock Sandwich Bag & Scissors… Googly Eyes are Optional

The Vanishing Toothpick

A tooth pick appears, vanishes, and teleport from hand to hand.

Supplies – Two Toothpicks and clear tape

The Floating Cup

A cup Magically Floats out of the Magicians Hands!

Supplies – A sytrofoam cup

The Amazing Magic Wand! –

$8.00 Shipped

Every Aspiring Magician needs a Magic Wand. With this magic wand you can do amazing magic that happens in your hand. The wand will Rise, Jump, Stick to your Hand and Make things appear! This is truly the greatest gift for anyone interested in this.

After working at the Secret Corner Magic Shop at Adventureland Amusement Park, Mikayla had an opportunity to test out all kinds of tricks. This was the all time best seller because it’s EASY, AFFORDABLE and AMAZING! Mikayla has literally sold thousands of these wands between her own shows and at adventureland.

Every Amazing Magic Wand comes with an Online Video Instruction Link and the Amazing Magic Wand!

Private Magic Lessons over Zoom!

Mikayla Oz has taught Magic Lessons for Thousands of Elementary School Students. During this time she has found Magic is a great social tool students can utilize the rest of there lives. She has mastered how to teach magic to the next generation. Mikayla strives to make every Magic Lesson Fun, Easy and Magical. In each lesson, your student will learn the fundamentals of magic in Easy to Follow Private Magic Lessons. Each lesson lasts between 30-45min over Zoom. Soon after your child will be showing your family and friends amazing magic. Simply purchase a Private Magic Lesson below and make sure to include your email. Mikayla will reach out to you ASAP to schedule the Private Magic Lesson.

The Amazing Magic Wand!
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