After Prom Magician – Mikayla Oz

Looking for something new and different for your students after prom? Mikayla Oz has the answer. Imagine Walking through the hallway hearing high school students freak out over Mind Blowing Magic. This isn’t your traditional quarter from behind the ear kind of magic. Instead this is magic that is cool and relevant for your students. Reading a students mind, guessing the passcode to a borrowed phone and objects teleporting from hand to hand. OH yeah, and this is just the beginning. 

Mikayla Oz is an expert at entertaining High School Students at there After Prom. In part because she only graduated school a few years ago, which gives her the extra edge in connecting with the students. Don’t let this fool you though, Mikayla Oz has been seen on the Travel Channel, Penn and Tellers: Try This at Home TV Show, the USA Today and private events nationwide. 

Mikayla Oz - After Prom Magician
Mikayla Oz – After Prom Magician


After Prom Close Up Magic!

What is Close Up Magic?

Close Up Magic happens for small groups at a time and is magic that happens in the hands of the students. Mikayla Oz will either walk around or stay in a fixed location and perform up close, AMAZING Magic! Things will appear, disappear, teleport and transform right in-front of everyone’s eyes.

How does this work at my After Prom? 

For After Proms, Mikayla Oz books in Hour and a Half Time Slots. Mikayla Oz will show up early to check in with Parent Volunteers and even show them a couple tricks before the students. Then Mikayla Oz will walk around your students After Prom and do Close Up Magic. Mikayla doesn’t just stick to one group of people, she makes sure to go from Group to Group so everyone has a chance to see magic up close and personal. 

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Mikayla Oz is one of the most in-demand magicians in the Midwest, which means dates are booking fast! For questions and availability, Contact TODAY!