5 Fun After Prom Activities That Students Will ACTUALLY Enjoy

After prom is a time for students to celebrate the end of another school year and have some fun with friends! If you’re looking for after prom activities that your students will actually enjoy, you’ll want to check out our list of the top 5 After Prom Activities Students Actually Enjoy!


When you think about inflatables you might think about young kids. However, there are new inflatables made specifically for students and adults! Inflatable games and obstacle courses are always a hit at any school event. Not only do they provide physical activity, but they also give students a chance to work together to reach the end goal. The fun doesn’t stop there either! Consider adding other interactive events, such as Wii tournaments or trivia competitions for extra excitement.

5 Fun After Prom Activities That Students Will ACTUALLY Enjoy


Looking for entertainment that high school students will actually enjoy? Try a hypnotist for your after prom. Hypnotists are safe, fun and a time tested activity that will keep your students excited and create life long memories. Imagine the football quarterback thinking he's the cheer captain, the prom queen thinking she has 11 fingers or 30+ students taking a mental journey through a safari! Have you had a hypnotist in the past? Try a few other ideas are a murder mystery improv troupe or an illusionist for some out of the box ideas.

Fun Food Ideas!

Who doesn’t love food, right? Once the music stops, your students will realize that they are hungry and so why not give them a variety of fun food options to explore. If you are wanting to keep it simple, include snacks like chips, popcorn and candy as well as sandwiches and even pizza. If you are wanting to be a bit more creative try mini donuts with a topping buffet, or even invite a few local food trucks for that one extra special treat!


Food brings the students together, but atmosphere entertainment keeps the students around. Think about having a DJ or band to play music and keep the party going, a photo booth for taking fun and memorable pictures, carnival or fair-style games and activities. Others interactive experiences such as a close up magician to do amazing magic that happens in the students hands, or a fortune teller to help students learn about the next phase in their life. Other options may include more low-key activities such as a movie theater or a relaxation area with comfortable seating and soothing music and massage chairs.


Whats the perfect way to end the night and incentivize students to stick around? One Word: PRIZES! These can be community donated gifts or with money raised from the PTO fundraiser. Here's some ideas:
  1. Gift cards: These can be to popular stores, restaurants, or online retailers.
  2. Tech gadgets: Consider prizes such as headphones, TV's, portable speakers, or smartwatches
  3. Fun experiences: Tickets to a concert or sporting event, or a gift certificate for a local attraction or activity can make for memorable prizes.
  4. Beauty or self-care items: Consider prizes such as makeup sets, skincare products, or candle sets.
  5. Books or movies: These can be either physical copies or digital downloads.
  6. Snacks or treats: Consider prizes such as bags of candy, popcorn or snack gift baskets, or gourmet chocolate.
It's important to consider the interests and preferences of the students attending the after prom event when selecting prizes. You may also want to have a mix of smaller and larger prizes to appeal to a wide range of students.

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