Mikayla Oz is an after prom magician performing at after proms for the past 8 years! In part because Mikayla only graduated high school 5 years ago.

Mikayla Oz is a full time, professional magician who knows what it takes to entertain young adults. At 22 years old, Mikayla Oz is one of the few Professional Female Magicians today. Mikayla Oz loves performing magic at after proms that will leave your students beyond impressed.

Mikayla Oz performing close up magic and putting someones phone in a balloon.

After Prom Close Up Magic!

What is Close Up Magic?

Close Up Magic is magic that happens in the hands of the students. Mikayla Oz will either walk around or stay in a fixed location and perform up close, AMAZING Magic! Things will appear, disappear, teleport and transform right in-front of everyone’s eyes.

What Makes Mikayla Oz Stand Out?

Mikayla Oz doesn’t do those standard old tricks, instead she brings a fresh, cool approach by doing magic that happens in the hands of her audience. Every show is adapted for the specific audience, making her a crowd favorite!


Mikayla Oz is one of the most in-demand magicians in the Midwest, which means dates are booking fast! For questions and availability, Contact TODAY!